Cluster History

After several years of planning, Research Computing (originally known as the HPC Center) first became operational at UF in August 2004 with Phase I of the HPC cluster. Researchers quickly embraced high-performance computing so the cluster has been upgraded and expanded several times since to keep up with changing technology and user demand.

For historical information about the development of UF Research Computing, Annual Reports are available from 2006.

The history of the cluster and its expansions are detailed in the following table.

Phase Date Vendor Mfgr Model CPU Model Core Count Top 500 Score HPL RMAX HPL RPEAK
I 2004 Q4 Dell PowerEdge 1750 Intel Xeon 2.8 400 225 1,325 GFlops 2,240 GFlops
IIa 2005 Q4 Rackable C1001 AMD Opteron 275 832 419 3,000 GFlops 3,700 GFlops
IIb 2006 Q4 Rackable C1001 AMD Opteron 275 480 N/A
III 2008 Q3 Penguin Relion R1670SA Intel Xeon E5462 2.8GHz 896 N/A
IV 2011 Q1 Dell PowerEdge C6105 AMD Opteron 4184 2.8GHz 1536 N/A
HPG1 2013 Q2 Dell PowerEdge C6145 AMD Opteron 6378 2.4GHz 16384 493 119,300 GFlops 157,300 GFlops
HPG2 2015 Q4 Dell PowerEdge SOS6320 Intel Xeon E5-2698v3 2.3GHz 29312 113 738,100 GFlops 1,074,000 GFlops