To obtain a Research Computing account, you must be a member of UF faculty or sponsored by a UF faculty member. Faculty members may sponsor students, postdoctoral fellows, or colleagues with whom they are collaborating on research.

Authorized Activities

UFRC facilities are for official UF research only and are not to be used for personal activities of any kind.

Password Expiration

Account passwords expire every six months. If you do not change your password before it expires, you will not be able to login to your account until it has been reset. You may reset or change your password on the Research Computing web site. If you are having a problem with resetting or changing your password you may contact us via email (

Account Expiration

Accounts are considered expired six months after the password has expired. This condition implies that the account has been idle for at least six months and the password is at least one year old. When this occurs, the account in question will be removed from the system and all data (home, scratch, project, etc.) will be deleted as well.

Accounts created specifically for use in a class will expire when that class section is finished and will be removed shortly thereafter. This also includes deletion of all of the account’s data. Please see Services – Teaching Support.

If you no longer need your UFRC account, it is best that you notify us and make arrangements to preserve any data that you do not wish to be deleted.

Account Sharing

Sharing your account and access information with another user is not permitted. This is in your best interest since you can never be sure what another person may do while logged into your account and your are responsible for all activity that takes place under your account. If there are other members of your group who need access, we will be happy to create an account for them, provided they have the required sponsorship.