Blue Storage Data Migration Process

The process for the Blue Storage Data Migration has been determined. UF Research Computing has published a Blue Storage Migration FAQ page to answer questions concerning the process for migration. Please read through the FAQ as all users will be impacted by this transition.

Notifications for each sponsor group

  1. An email will be sent out and is the first notice. It is being sent to both the hpc-announce list and to sponsors of all group/top-level directories on /ufrc. This email ensures all users are aware of the pending changes and encourages groups to plan for communication of the scheduled transition date once sent in the second email to the sponsor.
  2. The second email will go only to the sponsor of the group with a scheduled transition date one or more weeks prior to the scheduled date – multiple sponsors may be scheduled on the same day. If a sponsor agrees with the scheduled date, no response is necessary. 
  3. It is up to the sponsor to reply to if a different date is needed.
    1. A sponsor can suggest a different date if a reply to is received before the scheduled migration date.  UFRC will make every reasonable effort to satisfy the request (there are some data management and concurrency considerations when scheduling transition dates).
  1. If the date is acceptable, it is up to the sponsor to communicate this date with the group members.  If no reply is received, the migration will happen on the scheduled date.