The Research Computing staff consists of highly-qualified, full-time professionals. They include chemists, biologists, physicists, and computer scientists with advanced degrees and extensive experience. In addition to sharing in the system design, installation, and administration duties, these professionals also provide application support to faculty members and their graduate students. This support includes (but is not limited to) assistance with job management, software installation, data analysis, and training. Consulting services are also available at an additional but very reasonable cost.

Name Title Email Office
Erik Deumens Director NPB 2334
Charles A. Taylor Associate Director NPB 2346
Craig Prescott Systems Architect NPB 2353
Jon Akers Systems Administrator NPB 2234
Yu Fu Storage Architect NPB 2107
Ying Zhang Applications Specialist NPB 2335
Oleksandr Moskalenko Bioinformatics Specialist NPB 2148
CGRC 119 (Tue, Thr 9am-12pm)
Matt Gitzendanner Bioinformatics Specialist MUS 301
Larry Oshins Systems Administrator NPB 2242
Catherine Karow Help Desk Liaison HUB 225
Kenneth Brantley Documentation Specialist NPB 2339
David Stricklin Security NPB 2339
Maksym Prokopenko Applications Specialist NPB 2240