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HiPerGator OS Upgrade: RHEL 8 becomes the default on August 31

📅 August 31, 2023

More than 50% of all HiPerGator resources are now upgraded to RHEL-8.   Today, we will:

  • Make connect to the new login node pool running RHEL-8.
    • In addition to having the upgraded software environment, the nodes themselves are much more capable, with faster CPUs and more memory. However, the login server policies remain the same.
    • The RHEL-7 login node pool will remain available at through the end of the rolling upgrade process.
  • Adjust the SLURM configuration to favor scheduling on RHEL-8 compute nodes.

Note the quantity remaining RHEL-7 compute resources will go to zero in the coming few weeks as the upgrade process completes.

Choosing RHEL-7 or RHEL-8

To target a specific OS in your job scripts, use the SBATCH options: --constraint=el7 or --constraint=el8. If neither are specified, the scheduler will not consider operating system in placing your jobs. These constraints can be entered in the “Additional SLURM Options” field of Open onDemand forms.

Questions or concerns?

If you encounter problems, please consult the RHEL7 to RHEL8 help page or open a support request.