Data Management

UF Research Computing offers a number of data management service options. Select the category appropriate to your group’s need to view detailed information regarding these service offerings.

Campus Research Network

Management of research data is handled through the Campus Research Network (CRN). In partnership with Computer and Networking Services (CNS), Research Computing established the CRN as a high-bandwidth, low-latency Ethernet network linking major research labs and data centers within the University. The CRN is separate from the main campus network, dedicated to the movement of research data, and serves as a “research DMZ”.

The CRN backbone consists of dual 10 GbE links among primary endpoints with single 10 GbE links to several smaller laboratories. The CRN connects RC resources to the Florida Lambda Rail, from which Internet2 is accessible.

Florida Lambda Rail


Created to facilitate advanced research, education, and economic development in the State of Florida, the Florida Lambda Rail (FLR) utilizes next generation network technologies and protocols to connect University constituents to resources and colleagues around the world. The FLR is an independent research and education network, owned and operated as a not-for-profit LLC by partner institutions and affiliates. Internet2 is an advanced technology community, owned and led by the U.S. research and education community. It provides its member community with revolutionary network services, advanced technologies that enable services and achievements beyond the scope of any individual institution, and an unparalleled human network to make sure these technologies are fully utilized. Read more about Internet2 here.