The University of Florida supercomputer is a cluster that includes the latest generation of processors and offers up nodes for memory-intensive computations. HiPerGator’s high-performance storage systems can be accessed from diverse interfaces, including Globus, UFApps for Research, and other tools.

UF Research Computing maintains the cluster and its many parts, freeing the researcher from the headaches of hardware and software maintenance and allowing them to focus on their research. UF Research Computing has installed and supports a significant number of widely-used applications. Our staff is happy to evaluate and explore additional applications for the research needs of UF.

HiPerGator 3.0

HiPerGator 3.0 has been growing for nearly a year and the parts are starting to come together. Adding GPUs, storage and new processors, HiPerGator 3.0 is taking shape. The GPUs are in production, the new Blue storage will replace /ufrc and we are starting negotiations on replacement processors, expected to go into production in January 2021.

The latest NVIDIA GPU technology of the Ampere A100 GPU has arrived at UF in the form of two DGX A100 nodes each with 8 A100 GPUs. UF is the first university in the world to get to work with this technology.

Some early users at UF have been identified and will start working with them in the second half of July together with the RC staff to prepare them for production use later this summer.

The details of the deployment are described in RC News article; the latest is https://www.rc.ufl.edu/new-blue-storage-is-coming/

HiPerGator 2.0

HiPerGator 2.0 is the current incarnation of HiPerGator at UF. With more than 50,000 cores and two petabytes of storage, it serves the research needs of the University of Florida.