Operation during campus closure

Introduction and Mandate

The University of Florida administration is advising all faculty to plan activities that enable continuance of research computing in situations of possible campus closure caused by any one of several emergencies.

The decision to close the campus will be made by the president or his designee. Depending on the nature of the emergency, the president may consult with various individuals on and off campus, including the Office of Facilities, Planning, and Construction, the Office of Environmental Health & Safety, the City of Gainesville and Alachua County law enforcement agencies. Public safety is the primary consideration in any closure decision.

A decision to close the campus will be communicated through standard information dissemination processes and news channels.

It is the intent of current emergency management planning to maintain the processes and progress of research even in the event of campus closure. The goal is to ensure health and safety while maintaining operations to minimize disruption to student progress.

For general information on teaching a course or communicating with your students during a university-mandated closing, please visit UF’s Teaching web page


To the extent possible the systems will be kept in production and faculty and their collaborators will be able to use the systems through the normal means.

Requests for setting up services for new faculty and users will be worked on to the extent possible within the constraints set by the University leadership.

Incidents and problems should be reported by email to support@rc.ufl.edu. Please monitor the main Research Computing website http://www.rc.ufl.edu for systems status and news updates before reporting a problem, since it may have been reported already.

If the campus is closed, all in-person training sessions will be suspended. However, many training sessions are available online at http://wiki.rc.ufl.edu/doc/Training and these can be viewed at any time. Questions can then be asked by email to support@rc.ufl.edu.