Licensed Software

Except for basic software that is of use to almost every user, such as compilers, Research Computing does not buy licensed software.

Individual research groups can buy software, which Research Computing will install and maintain; RC staff members will ensure that only members of the licensed group of users have access to the software. Software can be purchased directly from the vendor, and some may be purchased through Software Licensing Services at better prices.

  1. SAS and Matlab are examples of common licensed software. Research groups must show that they have purchased a license to be given access to the software installed on HiPerGator.
  2. Other examples of shared software are Gaussian and VASP, which are purchased by a collection of faculty that each contribute a part of the license fee.
  3. Software for geographic information systems (GIS) is handled by the UF Geoplan Center.

Software that is restricted under ITAR/EAR must be handled in accordance with the policies outlined in Export Compliance.

Contact Research Computing at for more information and to explore special cases.