Price Sheets

UF Research Computing resource service rates are arranged to accommodate the full spectrum of research funding, even for groups working with restricted data. Resource access is available through either hardware purchase or as a charged service. Research Computing staff also provide training and consultation services for users of the cluster.

Select the price sheet appropriate for your group’s need to view a detailed list of options and pricing information.

After you have looked over product details and pricing information, fill out the purchase request form.

Research Computing products and services are designed to support change and innovation. Please contact us if you do not find quite what you are looking for.


  1. The commercial rate is determined to recover all costs for providing the products and services, including amortization of equipment and infrastructure.
  2. The cost of any of the products when purchased as a service is 10% higher than the purchase cost of the product. This is in addition to the indirect cost that may be charged to grants and contracts when purchasing services instead of equipment.
  3. The discounted rate has a 50% discount from the commercial rate.
  4. The public cloud comparable is based on AWS rates in July 2016 for VMs and storage with similar features and capabilities.