Restricted Data



Secured, isolated environment to store and work on restricted data



Secure storage and processing center that can support all university projects requiring a FISMA compliant environment

The cost to use the compliant environments for research with restricted data is calculated by counting computing and storage capacity. The rates are shown and explained on the Computation and Storage pages.


The University of Florida has established Research Shield, a system for research projects that require up to a Federal Information Systems Management Act (FISMA) “moderate” compliance rating.

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The cost for using ResShield consists of computing and storage capacity, as described above, but also incurs an extra cost of fees counted per user. These fees cover the cost of license contracts that are necessary to operate the environment as specified. The total cost is $152 per user per year. The licenses include:

  1. Multifactor authentication license
  2. Virtual desktop infrastructure license
  3. Virtual machine infrastructure license

The high-level system architecture of ResShield is shown in the figure to the right.

Please visit the ResShield page for more information.


Research Computing has developed a new service, ResearchVault, that will provide a secure environment for information and research that involve electronic protected Health information (eHI) and require compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

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ResVault also supports projects that require FISMA “low” compliance ratingInternational Trade in Arms Regulation (ITAR) compliance, and other forms of restricted and sensitive data, such as intellectual property (IP). The University has a policy for data classification that can be found at

The high-level system architecture of ResVault is shown in the figure to the right.

The requirements to use ResearchVault are spelled out in detail on the ResearchVault training page.