To use ResVault, you must download the multiple components that make up the launcher. They are available for download in single zipped file. If you are updating the application, is is recommended that you remove the old file versions from your tiCrypt folder to ensure they are replaced with the updated versions.

  1. Create the folder tiCrypt in your home directory. Note that the name, letter case, and location of this folder are important; follow these instructions carefully and do not make any changes.
  2. Download the .zip file and extract it into the tiCrypt folder you created:
  3. Go to the tiCrypt folder and start the tiLauncher Java application (the .jar file) to install the tiLauncher software on your computer. On Windows systems with Java installed, you can double-click on the .jar file.
  4. The Java application will present the following prompt. Initially, the “Application” field is empty:
  5. Click on “New…” to select the .zip, .sig, and .json files that are located in the tiCrypt folder. Once selected, the version of the software will appear.
  6. Click the “Launch Application” button. The Java application will now show the server is running:

You can stop the application by pressing the “Stop” button. In your default browser the tiLauncher is now active. If you logged in before, it may remember the location of your tiCrypt private key. If not it will ask you to upload the key or to start the registration process. Once you upload the key, you can connect to the ResVault server and start working.