Advanced Support

Software Consulting

The Research Computing staff has advanced expertise in many areas relevant to research computing activities in science, engineering and scholarship.

Because of the enormous diversity in software, workflows, and levels of user expertise, the staff cannot provide all desired support within the optimal time.

The staff provides support at multiple levels:

  • Basic support – no extra charge with investment: This includes activities that are necessary to ensure that the system is operational and it executes the requests and commands from users. Examples are installing software packages, guidance with setting up simple workflows and debugging job scripts. Guidance for classifying tasks in this category is that the tasks benefit many users (because the system is broken or new software is useful for many) or the cumulative custom effort for one investor takes less than 4 hours per month.
  • Advanced support – investors can buy hours of RC staff time:  This includes configuring, customizing, and tuning complex software packages, developing complex workflows, writing and optimizing complex submission scripts, and analyzing performance problems with software or job flows that mostly benefit one investor. See our Software Consulting page for more information on how to arrange for advanced support.


The Research Computing staff provides advanced support and training to the user community. See our Training page for more information.

Teaching Support

The HPC facilities operated by Research Computing may be used in support of regular academic courses at the graduate level. Please see our Teaching Support page for more information.