Teaching Support

Research Computing compute facilities may be used in support of regular academic courses. The knowledge and skills acquired in these courses will benefit students who need RC resources for their research. Please observe the following guidelines to ensure that the experience is positive for students and instructors alike.


Students that need to access HiPerGator for course-related activities should ensure that they are properly registered in their course. The course instructor will submit their name to Research Computing for inclusion in the class. Those who already have HiPerGator accounts will be added to the class group; the rest will have a temporary HiPerGator account created for them to use for the class.

Students who join the class late should remind their instructor to send Research Computing a request to add them to the class.

Please note that class accounts will expire (and any associated data deleted) two weeks after the “Classes End” date listed for the semester:

Instructors: Course support guidelines

  1. The instructor must notify Research Computing of the intent to use HiPerGator and request resources at least two weeks prior to the start of the semester. Please open a support request with the following information:
    1. Course prefix and number
    2. Course instructor(s)
    3. Course TA(s)
    4. Expected enrollment
    5. Resources needed (see standard allocation information in 2 below)
    6. If you would like an orientation by Research Computing staff (see 4 below)
  2. Class resource limits should be taken into account when considering assignments and projects for the class. Classes are limited to 32 CPU cores used simultaneously by all students, and GPU access is limited to 8 at a time for the class, unless prior arrangements are made.
  3. The instructor must assign or act as a teaching assistant (TA) for the course. The TA should be familiar with HiPerGator policies and practices including job submission. Students should speak with their TA about problems and the TA should file all course-related support cases via the UFRC support request system.
  4. Instructors should have each student complete the HiPerGator Account Training in myTraining and review the additional information for classes at the end of this page. If instructors wish, an orientation can be given by a Research Computing staff member. Please request this along with the support request for the course.
  5. Software to be used for the course should be determined prior to the start of the course. Research Computing supports a large number of users and projects. The stability and reliability of the software environment is of great importance and must be maintained. Although software may be installed in support of a specific course, instructors should endeavor to design projects and assignments based on currently installed applications. We will be happy to discuss software requirements with prospective course instructors.