Research Software Engineering

The Research Software Engineering (RSE) team at UFIT Research Computing is funded by the Presidential Strategic Fund to use existing UF computing infrastructure such as HiPerGator to help researchers carry out technically advanced tasks for research projects, including writing professional-quality scientific software and helping faculty address increased data management and research reproducibility requirements. The mission is to help develop high performance, scalable, and sustainable research software, improve research efficiency, enable cutting-edge technology adoption, and enhance research outcomes.

Service Offering

  • Lead and support the development of domain specific research software utilizing best software engineering practices.
  • Design, architect, and implement AI-driven solutions tailored to address complex scientific research problems across diverse disciplines.
  • Design and develop digital twin technology, encompassing object and system design, process development, optimization,  and predictive modeling to ensure integration with multiple systems.
  • Optimize workflows for effectively conducting research on HiPerGator.
  • Data management, processing, database setup and maintenance, and data access API development with internal and external data providers.
  • Expert consultation and guidance on cutting-edge software tools, algorithms, and hardware resources.