Request HiPerGator Account

Research Computing accounts are organized by group with faculty members as sponsors. When we receive your account request, we will contact your named sponsor to verify that he or she is willing to sponsor you. Upon receiving your sponsor’s approval, the account will be created and you will receive an email with the information you need to access Research Computing facilities. The process generally takes less than 24 hours but may be delayed if we do not receive a quick response from your sponsor.

An investment is required in order to utilize Research Computing resources. If you or your sponsor does not have an investment, please contact Support to invest in those resources.

Sponsors requesting accounts will have their accounts created automatically once verified that they are faculty members.

If you do not have a GatorLink account, please enter “none” in the appropriate box.

    I acknowledge that the access to the HPC resources operated by UF Research Computing is subject to the UF Acceptable Use Policies and the Research Computing policies at and that I am responsible for following these policies.
    I also certify that using restricted data and software on the HPC resources requires extra steps described at UFRC Policies and at UFRC Export Policies, and that I will notify both my account sponsor and the Office of Research (Research Compliance) and Research Computing at when I am working with such data.