Although the Administration provides for much of the Research Computing infrastructure, it is still dependent upon faculty research funds for equipment purchases. Without faculty funding, UFRC cannot purchase clusters, networking equipment, or storage. Therefore, if you intend to utilize UFRC facilities, it is extremely important that you request funding for the center in your grant proposals. The information here is intended to help you as you prepare a budget for your research proposals.

Your proposal can include direct funding for HPC resources in two categories that leverage the investments made by the University in the HPC infrastructure. These categories are hardware and staff consulting services. A proposal can include either hardware, staff support, or both.

Your proposal can list UF Research Computing and its resources under the “Facilities, Equipment and Instrumentation” by inserting the text provided in the facilities document. You can augment the text with further descriptions of other facilities used by your project, such as, for example, available NMR instruments and facilities on campus.

UFIT-RC Facilities 2023